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Save Money With Adjustable Brackets

Posted by on 4/27/2016

Clothing changes every season in New England, and fashion fads fade in and out of our wardrobes. Retail stores have a variety of clothing racks to ensure they’re able to accommodate the clothes they receive, and are able to adapt to the changes in weather and new trends that emerge. Why can’t it be the same with your closet solutions?

Joslin Displays understands how often clothing fluctuates, and how important it is for our closest to be able to accommodate our ever-changing styles. We also know how expensive it is to buy residential storage solutions, especially if you design a custom closet. There are alternatives to these big ticket items, and one of them is by purchasing your storage items through Joslin’s Home Solutions.

To begin, our commercial grade quality materials means your closet won’t only be built exactly how you want it, it will be built to last. None of that flimsy particleboard other companies might be using to cut down on costs. We’re talking about durable and reliable options that won’t bend or crack with a little added weight. Not to mention, we have PVC slatwall that is made specifically for home use which has a great finish.

By using slatwall or a gridwall, your possibilities are endless! Use slatwall hooks, accessories, and shelves to dress up your closet depending on your needs. Display your jackets during the winter, and adjust when spring rolls around. By using our adjustable, store quality fixtures, you will find your closet growing with you instead of against you.

Not to mention, our solutions are often more affordable than other retail options! Go where the stores go to put together a great closet display, and you won’t be disappointed with the way your storage turns out. With more questions about how Joslin Displays can help your business or how Joslin’s Home Solutions can help your closet, give us a call today at (800) 325-1030.