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Redesigning Your Displays with Summer in Mind is Vital to Retail Success

Posted by on 7/5/2019 to General

Summer is officially here, and in some parts of the country, it is finally starting to feel like it. If you want to attract more customers to your store this summer, you must ensure that your retail window displays reflect the season in fun and trendy ways. If you’re feeling stuck, we have some tips and ideas for you.

How Do You Make a Good Window Display?

A good window display is visually appealing, focused on selling a lifestyle instead of a product, and considerate of the customer experience. It drives customers into your store because they see the items you have on display and decide they need those items immediately.

Why Are Window Displays Important?

Your window display is the first impression future customers will have of your store. They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but people definitely judge a store by its window display. Window displays are so important that some retailers spend hours agonizing over every little detail that goes into their design. Attracting attention in the retail world is very hard in today’s world, and your window display is the primary tool you have to attract attention. A poorly designed window display assures that no one will want to come into your store to buy what you have, no matter how awesome it is.

Summer Retail Display Ideas

A summer retail display should be light and fun, with items that make people think of summer. You can utilize props like ice cream, balloons, inflatables, and flowers to bring an element of summer into your window display. There are lots of themes you could pull from, such as gardening, grilling, beach, or summer treats. If you are using mannequins, they should appear relaxed and casual, or happy and active. It is essential to think about your theme and the message your window is trying to portray.

Tell a Story

Think about what sort of activities people like to do most in summer. Then think of how the items in your store can be used to make those activities more enjoyable. Tell the story of how customers can use your products in your window display. When customers can visualize themselves using a product, they are more likely to come into your store and buy that product.

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