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Preparing Retail Displays During Seasonal Shifts

Posted by on 6/6/2017 to General

As time moves forward, so does the weather in most parts of the world. Each season has different requirements, from what you can grow to eat to what clothing you can wear. For your retail displays to be as effective as possible, keeping up with seasonal shifts is a must. Planning accordingly makes all the difference. 

1.) Make Seasonal Outfits/Accessories The Main Focus

Seasonal items, while useful and enjoyable, have a very short lifespan. Maximize their use and make some space for the most current and timely pieces to be the main focus on all of your displays. 

2.) Research Trends 

What’s everyone wearing, and what similar items are blowing up? Whether it’s through observation or some professional research, knowing what trends are the most popular will help you find the best items to display that are sure to grab the attention of passerby. 

3.) Try New Arrangements 

It’s a new season, and you could probably use a change in your display arrangement. Work with your retail displays and play with some new arrangements. It just may breathe some new life into your store, and it will at least be interesting enough to earn second glances! 

4.) Buy Equipment  

A heavy winter coat requires a different hanger than a light, spring windbreaker. Make sure your supplies are suitable enough to hold the items you are going to display and that you have plenty of them. 

5.) Clean The Space 

Your store could always use some TLC, and a new season is the best time to bust out some gloves and get to cleaning. Now, your store is ready to embrace the new season and looks great. 

When a new season happens, life changes. Even the smallest items need to get addressed, so take care of your retail displays and make them season-appropriate! For all of your display needs, give Joslin Displays a call at 1-(800)-325-1030!