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Posable Mannequins

Posted by on 4/20/2016

For many years the typical mannequin was forced to be in a standard pose with no other options other than to buy a different mannequin for your needs. The lack of flexibility with the mannequins crippled what stores were able to do with their window and in store displays. The need for posable mannequins slowly changed the development of the display pieces to currently where flexible displays are available for every store.

While many stores still use stiff, single pose mannequins, the benefits of switching to a flexible mannequin are numerous. Some are basic needs that can be met, others are long term and money saving. Some of the biggest benefits are:

Used for multiple displays. Where these particular figures can be posed to nearly any position they are able to be used in multiple displays. They allow for more flexibility with your display and props. You are able to show them sitting, standing, or posing like the Captain if you wanted. This allows you to show the range of motion of the product that you are attempting to sell, also you are able to create a more dynamic display to catch the attention of potential customers.

Can be placed in any pose. The ability to be placed in nearly any pose allows for you to move these mannequins to where ever they are needed. This will also provide you with one mannequin that you can change throughout multiple display sets, without the need of buying a different mannequin in the pose that you want. This solves the issue of needing to buy multiple figures as well as where to store mannequins after the display is completed. Posable dolls are created for positive displays and to help limit the amount of figures that are needed in different styles.

Able to show off multiple products. With a standard mannequin, you are not able to show off every product you may want to sell. If you are a store selling lawn mowers, having a posable mannequin means that you are able to portray a scene of the individual riding the lawn mower. Likewise, if you are trying to sell flexible clothing, you will be able to show the mannequin in multiple different poses to allow the customers to see the full range of the clothing. Having flexible displays allows you to get creative with the displays for multiple products. In 2014, a man actually used a posable mannequin to sell his car in the UK.

The transition from traditional displays to the posable mannequins can be a big change for the feel of your company. While they are dynamic you should still take into consideration if they will work with your store. If you need something more abstract, then the posable mannequin may not work as they tend to be more towards the realistic side. Some will allow you to see the joints, others are jersey covered to hide the bolts.

The important thing to remember, is that it is not the easiest to pose flexible mannequins. That is why it is important to know if you want to commit to a mannequin. If you are ready to commit to a posable mannequin visit Joslin displays online at or give us a call at 1-800-325-1030.