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Picking the Right Outfit for Your Mannequin

Posted by on 7/22/2016 to General

Mannequins may seem like simple placeholders, but they have plenty of potential to drive sales. They are displays that are visual storyboards, and show the public in a realistic way how clothing may fit on them. 

Decorating a male or female mannequin with the right apparel will have benefits, and allow your mannequin to look its best. Below, observe how you can make the most of your mannequin’s outfit choices. 

  • Do Your Research

You will want to know what is doing well out there in the fashion world. Take a look at current trends, and make note of the popular brands that are frequently worn. 

If you have the brands, make sure you gather all of the popular items from the names and prepare them for display. If you have what’s hot at your disposal, showing it to the public will boost sales as customers cash in on the brand or trend they are currently invested in.

  • Use a Mix of Popular and Sale Items 

It is important to display the most popular and well-received items. There’s no disputing that. However, bargain shoppers need a piece of the pie as well - they want to see a store offering nice deals. 

When you are creating outfits, use both current and on sale items. This will be sure to attract all types of buyers - whether they can splurge on the latest trend or are more into saving money, something for them will be on display. 

  • Keep Clothing Seasonal 

It does not make sense to display clothing that you are fairly sure people will not want to purchase. The fashion industry is very seasonal, and relies on season-specific trends for marketing.

Dress your female mannequin up in attire that is season-appropriate. If someone is looking to shop for a new, seasonal outfit, they will be able to see their options right in front of them. 

  • Add Accessories to the Ensemble 

Accessories are often an afterthought that shoppers do not consider all too much when they are buying. It is important to bring them to the forefront so they can be seen, and they should be placed well.

Make sure that the accessories you choose make sense, and are the best you have to offer. They have to be seasonally appropriate and match the outfit well. The right combination will draw people in and get them interested in something beyond just clothing. 

  • Variety is Key 

Be sure that your outfits are indicative of all you have to offer. Using the same color schemes, patterns, or types of outfits will result in a rather bland storefront. Without variety in your clothing displays, customers will think your store does not have that much varied product.

Appealing to many demographics is key, and will assist your sales as you see your profits increase. Showing off all kinds of exciting clothing will get people interested and showcase your variety. 

Preparing your mannequin for a store display is very important, and requires special attention so it is effective. 

For assistance with male and female mannequins, shelving, and other display items, give Joslin Displays a call at 1-(800)-325-1030!