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Open Up Your Space With Clear Shelving

Posted by on 3/25/2016

When you walk into a department store's shoe section, you might have to stop yourself from drooling. Aligned perfectly against their long walls are rows of beautiful shoe displays, showcasing their latest and greatest products for the season. You might find yourself wondering how they manage to make shoes look so good, and the answer starts with their shelving purchases. It isn’t uncommon for these stores to shop for their premium retail fixtures at a place like Joslin Displays, and why should it be any different when designing your closet?

Depending on the size of your closet or retail store, you might find yourself searching for solutions to make your space feel bigger without breaking down any additional walls. One simple solution to this problem is to install a gridwall or slatwall and using our plexiglass shelving options. Clear shelving often makes a space flow more freely, feel less compact, and brings all the attention to the centerpiece: your shoe collection!

Not only do these shelves look great compared to other, blander material options, they’re completely adjustable! When you use a slatwall or gridwall, you’re able to move your shelving as you need it. If you want your tall boots on display for the winter, or want to make room for your best pair of heels, you can arrange your shelves to look exactly how you want them to that day.

No matter if you’re searching for shelving options for your business or for your home, Joslin Displays believes in giving our customers the best options available. Commercial quality means you will be happy with your purchases for years to come because they will last. Check out Joslin’s Home Displays to learn about how we can help you create the perfect shoe display for your closet without breaking the bank.