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Mistakes to Avoid When Organizing a Store Display

Posted by on 11/29/2016 to General

Though what is inside is what really matters, a storefront can say a lot about your business without necessarily broadcasting everything. It is meant to be a way to showcase what you have to offer and your business’ general mission statement in a minimal fashion. Unfortunately, it is no easy task to condense what makes your business so great and present it. As a result, there are a few lackluster displays out there. The following are some mistakes to avoid to ensure each display - whether you have several shoe displays or prefer mannequins - counts. 

1.) Lack of Variety 

Now, this does not mean just about any product fits at any time of the year. There should be some loose, but appropriate, structure to your display. Think of a central theme - brand, seasonal, or type of product - and stick with it using your best and brightest items. Including different types of pieces will show your business has plenty to offer, and can draw someone in. 

2.) Using Low-Selling Items 

If they have not sold well, they must not be a hit with the majority. Some items can be part of a display if they are complimentary enough, but products may simply not click with the population. If you showcase too many of your unpopular items, people will not be able to see how great your store really is. 

3.) Not Paying Attention to Seasons 

They may have a short shelf life, but seasonal items really matter. When it comes time for them to be used, there will be an established and necessary demand for these highly specific products. For example: if it is fall and your shoe displays do not have boots, you may not have much success. As such, your display should be a reflection of the time of year. It is important to include these items during this time for maximum impact. 

4.) Poor Presentation 

First impressions are everything. When someone walks by your storefront, they should be captivated. A standard, uniform presentation will not reflect your business’ personality or flavor. Arrange items in unique way, try mannequins with snappy outfits, and use shelves and other accessories to make a display look its best. 

5.) Lack of Product 

There is something to be said about tasteful minimalism, but a store display is definitely not the place to be minimal. Your display should have plenty of items. Nothing alarming, but most certainly enough to look noticeable, showcase a variety of products, and hold attention. Of course, crowding everything together is not a good look either. Find a happy medium, and stick with it. 

Making the most effective display possible for your storefront is important. It may be a small part of your space, but it is a piece of your business that says a lot with so little room. If you avoid mistakes, a display will look great and help business boom. For all of your storefront needs, from shoe displays to shelves, you can count on Joslin Displays. Give us a call at 1-(800)-325-1030!