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Maximizing the Space of Shoe Displays

Posted by on 5/24/2017 to General

Anyone who has worked with displays knows that size matters. To be effective, a display has to be big enough to notice, but small enough to not take up too much space. With racks that have limited room, like shoe displays, it can be even harder to make room for everything you need. Still, there are certainly ways you can maximize space and keep everything in order. 

Mix Up Shoe Styles 

When you try to fit too many of the same items on a display, it can become crowded, fast. To make it easier and leave some room, mix up both wide and narrow shoe styles. Not only do you get to showcase variety, but you also create space you didn’t think you had! 

Add Risers or Shelves 

The best thing about these two display items is that they easily attach to a display and require minimal effort. With a shelf or riser, you add plenty of room while not having to completely renovate the space you have already. Rather, you’re working with the foundation you have. 

Make Room for the Best 

As much as you may like or want to showcase a particular type of shoe, it is wisest to save the best designs for your shoe displays. Your most popular shoes are liked for a reason, so they will definitely sell once you put them out there. 

Balance Shoes and Accessories 

Though we don’t ever set out to buy shoelaces or polish when we need new sneakers, they are still useful when readily available. Take the time to showcase your best-selling shoe accessories and balance them with the shoes. 

Shoe displays may not have tons of room from the start, but when you get creative, you can add more space to your display! Try these tips, and count on Joslin Displays for all of your display needs. Give us a call at 1-(800)-325-1030!