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Maximizing The Shapes Of Mannequins

Posted by on 4/26/2017 to General

Having the best materials of your business at hand is one part of getting sales. Maximizing its potential is another thing entirely. Execution is just as important as the presence of the hot ticket items themselves. So, if you have mannequins, displayed outfits looking their best is key. It is simple enough to do so. 

  • Use The Right Size(s) 

You want to be sure that the outfit fits your mannequin. A mannequin is one of the more realistic ways to display clothing, so it must fit accordingly if it is going to look good. Be sure to use the right sizes and adjust accordingly to the shape of the statue. 

  • Make Use Of Blank Space 

Does your mannequin have a bare arm? Place a good selling bracelet on its arm. Cannot find a wig for the head? Add a stylish hat to the mix! Filling the space will give people even more to pay attention to and can boost revenue! 

  • Outfit According To Poses 

Make sure the outfit you use compliments what pose the mannequin is doing. It wouldn’t make much sense for casually posed mannequins to wear suits, would it? Outfits should compliment the pose, fit, and shape of the mannequin. 

  • Build Around Them 

Just because a mannequin is a bit larger and takes up room does not mean it is unusable or has no place with your display. Get creative and use the space you have to display all of your items. Both your items and a shapely mannequin can shine if you know how to decorate accordingly. 

Mannequins may seem a bit cumbersome, awkward, and hard to make appealing. However, if you know how to make the most of what you have and maximize their shapes, they can look great. For all of your display needs, give Joslin Displays a call at 1-(800)-325-1030!