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Mannequins and Costume Design Exhibits

Posted by on 4/5/2019

Mannequins play an essential role in the world of costume design.  From film to retail clothing shops, exhibits to the runway, the world is captivated by fashion.  From the latest trends to traditional outfits, the costume makes the stage.  However, what is a costume if there is no display? Often, once the big moment has passed, costumes are exhibited across the country.  Choosing the proper mannequin is key to a successful costume show.  Similarly, a retail display also tells a story depending on the selected mannequin and the details in which it entails.


A costume design exhibit tells a story.  Whether it be 18th-century gowns or award-winning films that are being portrayed, a visitor should relive the moment.  Because the moment has passed, the costume needs to be powerful enough to bring the visitor there.  Elements such as the mannequin figure choice, the way the outfit wrinkles, and the set lighting are all taken into consideration to recreate the scene.

Movement in Static Form

Although mannequins are static, they need to have movement.  Visitors to an exhibit associate the display with the real-life memory.  The audience can envision the actor in the very scene that a particular dress was worn, or the character during the famous action sequence.  With the placement of the body, hands, and head, the creator can instill a sense of movement on the mannequin.  With the proper arrangement of parts and a touch of imagination, the guests will soon be reliving the moment.


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