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Mannequins Add Personal Connections to Shoppers

Posted by Joslin's Displays on 7/6/2020
Mannequins Add Personal Connections to Shoppers

onsider the last time you went shopping in a mall location. Chances are, regardless of the type of store, you were greeted by a salesperson steps through the door. Before you even have the opportunity to absorb the atmosphere around you, the personal greeting is handed as a way to make your feel more comfortable while you shop. The idea behind this greeting is centered around shoppers feeling more at home when they know other people surround them. Enter mannequins.


You’re not alone

By incorporating mannequins to the shopping experience, you are helping the shopper to unconsciously feel like they are not alone during their visit. The fabricated existence of another shopper brings a sense of being to the entire retail experience. Whether it’s comfort or creative ideas to an outfit for a special occasion, mannequins entice customers to spend more time in the store. Thus, you’re also likely to increase the chance of a sale.


Personal connection

Mannequins can have a range of effects on people. For example, a shopper might look at a mannequin and love the way he or she looks. They might feel an attachment to the figure because they have something in common with it. Mannequins with eyes are particularly effective when they are placed in the right position. When achieving the proper positioning for the display at hand, mannequins look like they are making eye contact with your shoppers. The personal connection draws your visitors further into the store, and increase the desire to make a purchase.


Although shoppers are accustomed to seeing mannequins, there is a lot of psychology involved when deciding upon the ideal store display. Good or bad, the figures generally make your shoppers want to buy something.

Start your collection of mannequins at Joslin Displays. We have a wide variety of figures ranging in age, gender, size and pose. Contact our team of professionals today at (800) 325-1030 to place your order and add a human connection for your shoppers.


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