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Male Mannequins Matter Too!

Posted by on 8/20/2018

It’s long been thought that women were the queens of capitalism. They were the ones that had to have the latest fashions and trends, and they were the targets of most advertisements. But fun fact: men wear clothes too. Which means that male mannequins are just as important as female ones. Having the perfect balance of display options that appeal to your target audience is key.


How to Dress Them

When dressing your male mannequins, you need to take the same steps as you would when catering to your female audience. Make sure you choose outfits that compliment each piece and choose one article of clothing to stand out. For example, if you’re highlighting a particular type of shoes, you should select a pair of pants that go with the boots, but aren’t overwhelming. In this case, simple jeans or dark pants would work well because they wouldn’t distract from the shoes. If you’re looking to showcase a pair of pants, choose a plain shirt in a basic color - allowing the pants to be the focus.


Where to Put Them

It sort of goes without saying that you want to put your male mannequins near the clothing racks they are displaying. This way, your customers can easily select their size from the frame or shelf if they like the piece on the mannequin. You can also put mannequins towards the front of the display to show what type of clothing you’re offering. For example, it’s best to put male mannequins in the front of the section of boy’s clothes. Try not to put them in the middle of an aisle or surrounded by clothing racks. This can make things seem cluttered.


How to Display Them

Using male mannequins is a great way to feature your clothes, but you can also use them as part of a larger display. You can use multiple mannequins to make a scene of sorts, or even as part of a storewide theme. No matter what you choose, using mannequins are a beneficial addition to your store display.


Whether you only sell male merchandise or you cater to a broader audience, mannequins are an excellent way to display your inventory realistically. Your customers can see how the clothes fit and are supposed to be worn, and which colors and styles complement each other. For more information about our male mannequins, visit our website here.