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Making Retail Fixtures Work

Posted by on 7/6/2017 to General

People remember mannequins, clothing, and other highly visual aspects of displays. However, the hardware that makes it all come together is just as important, even if it isn’t as visible. The best way to ensure that structures are sound is to observe your retail fixtures and be sure they are functioning well. From correct installation to consistent upkeep, there are simple ways to keep an eye on them. 

1.) Get Fixtures That Fit 

Retail fixtures need to fit to walls and other surfaces well to serve their purpose, so be sure your measurements are precise and that they are not tightly wound or too loose after installation. If the fit isn’t right, the pieces won’t stay intact, and you’ll be scrambling to find replacement parts and put everything back together. 

2.) Match Layouts, But Keep It Subtle 

Every piece of your store’s displays should be complimentary to your products and overall decor. That’s a given. However, the pieces within your display should also be subtle enough to not distract people from shopping for new products. Try neutral colors and materials. 

3.) Keep Up With Them 

Maintenance is the key to making products last, so upkeep should be part of your routine, even if it’s something small each day. A simple dusting or polishing on a frequent basis will keep the fixtures looking sharp and in optimal condition. Plus, they’ll last longer. 

Retail fixtures are an essential part of any store’s displays, so make sure the ones you buy are able to service you well. Otherwise, your display will not be complete or structurally sound. We at Joslin Displays are proud to offer a variety of fixtures and other accessories to make your displays look great. Give us a call at 1-(800)-325-1030 and see what we can do for you today!