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Making Mannequins Stand Out

Posted by on 12/6/2016 to General

It can be hard to work with a static product and make it look dazzling. However, displays are necessary to show off your product: each and every piece of the display is key. Even mannequins have to be very visually compelling to catch the attention of shoppers. Keeping them looking fresh, current, and interesting will get attention and business.

So, to make a splash, you need to make your mannequins stand out. How, though? Find out below, and your display will be even livelier! 

1.) Quality Outfits 

After all, this is what customers are going to see first and foremost, and what usually catches customers’ eyes. Be sure to outfit your mannequins with outfits that are not only unique, but very cohesive and fashion-forward. It is a simple but effective way to make these statues stand out. 

2.) Add Other Types of Items 

Don’t be afraid to make your display a bit varied in product. If it matches the theme you are going for within your display, capitalize on it and prop up a product or two that is similar enough to work, even if it is not the exact same product a mannequin is outfitted with. 

3.) Play With Poses

Static, unmoved figures are not going to be distinguishable from the rest of the crowd. If you have mannequins that are all posed the same, it does not show that much emotion or expression. See what kind of posable, action-based items are on the market, and stock up - it will make the display unique and grab attention quicker. 

4.) Lighting 

It may be something you do not think of often, but lighting can have a serious effect on plenty of situations. A picture will not be the same in two different locations and lighting situations, so mannequins can be affected as well.

Work with display lighting to make the mannequin portion of your display front and center. It will be highly visible, prominent, and really show off whatever product the statue is adorned in. 

5.) Cater to the Audience

Products are only going to sell if there is a demand for them, and if the product also grabs the attention of passerby. Make sure the outfits you use in your displays are hot, current, and attractive to your clientele. Do your homework and observe what your customers are enjoying the most from your business, then apply it to your displays. It will not only make it interesting and reliable for loyal customers, but also draw the attention of people you are looking to reach in the market who you have not had success with. 

Making something thought of as rather static and not expressive work is no easy task. However, a mannequin is an essential for any proper display - and it needs to stand out to have your business generate sales. Follow the tips above, and your mannequins will stand out and be seen. 

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