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Make Your Store Displays POP!

Posted by Joslin's Displays on 2/2/2022 to Articles
Make Your Store Displays POP!

Here are some ways to engage your customers with Point of Purchase store displays. 

There are a variety of reasons why we walk into a store: we know what we need, we’re searching for a gift, or those store displays catch our eye. At Joslin Displays, we know how to engage and entice customers, and we can bring your store displays alive using POP – Point of Purchase displays. Read on to see why you should consider POP for your store displays! 

Why Choose POP? 

“POP” is defined as “point of purchase”, and these displays offer a physical display to engage your customers. Instead of a simple point of sale display, which is a display placed at the area of purchase, point of purchase displays are an engaging way to draw your customers in before they go to pay. 
With POP, your displays are the focal point. Avoid the clutter, entice the customer with a beautiful display, and offer educational or promotional material at one display. Plus, elevate the look of your store with a streamlined, efficient display that allows customers to shop in an open space. 

Make Your Store Displays POP: 

  • Know Your Target Audience! Market your display with your audience in mind. Use brand imagery, colors, and graphics that you know will make your customers stop and shop 
  • Wow-Factor: Get creative with POP displays. Use size and lighting to your advantage 
  • Tell a Story. What makes your products unique? Use video content to draw in your customers and keep them engaged 
  • Try Before You Buy displays add to the function of a space: Store Attendees can engage the customer in a quick sale with information and experience in a product 

 Organization is Key 

An organized space isn’t just nice to look at. It makes you feel comfortable with the space. If you have a large display with too many different items, most customers will feel overwhelmed and walk away. 
Keep Your Customers Happy With POP Store Displays 
 POP Displays engage the customer Customers can quickly locate products, lending to a pleasant shopping experience Quick and easy access to a product leads to a smoother transaction 
 Upgrade your Store Displays 
 Joslin’s Displays can help you choose the right aesthetic and style of store displays based on your needs. For more information about Joslin’s Displays, give us a call at 1.800.325.1030 or visit our website. Like our Facebook page for more!