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Lots and Lots of MA Mannequins!

Posted by on 8/27/2018

Here at Joslin Displays, we’re here to cater to all your display needs. This means having an array of mannequins on hand to meet the needs of various retail settings. We have MA mannequins ranging in skin tone, poses, egghead, hairstyles, and even possible ones so you can switch it up as often as you’d like.


Skin Tone Mannequins

Having mannequins in various skin tones is an excellent way to show diversity in your store. This method of displaying your product is supposed to let your consumers take a glimpse at what your clothes would look like on a body instead of just on a rack. Having models of various skin tones shows that your inventory is designed to fit a variety of people.


Sports Series & Posable

Traditional MA mannequins are often modeled to be in a few set positions, and these positions don’t always work for some of your inventory. Sportswear, for example, is best displayed in more athletic positions, like running or yoga poses. Sports series mannequins are explicitly designed to help you show off your athletic apparel in attractive ways. Posable models are also suitable for this, but it’s even easier to change up your displays if you can change the position the display models are in.


Egghead, Molded Hairstyles, and Wigs

Whether you choose mannequins with no hair, molded hair, or wigs depends on how realistic you want your displays to be. Of course, wigs will be the most realistic, but they can also distract from what you’re trying to showcase. Your consumers may be distracted by the hairstyle and fail to notice the shoes the mannequin is wearing. Choosing egghead or molded hairstyles ensure that your inventory is the focus of the display, but they won’t look as realistic. Both options have their pro’s and con’s, so it’s really up to you which design you choose.


The professionals here at Joslin Displays have years of experience in retail displays, including MA mannequins, shelving, and clothing racks. Make sure you stop by our showroom in Wilmington, MA to see all we have to offer.