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Keeping Displays Structurally Sound

Posted by on 3/15/2017 to General

Though keeping external appearances up is very important, ensuring the quality of anything is critical. Whether it is a garment you wear or a desk you buy for your home office, it needs to last. Shop displays are no exception. From your mannequins to your shelves, everything should be structurally sound. Use the following tips to ensure every piece is in tip-top shape. 

  • Go To The Experts 

While your local Target may have all of the necessary supplies, sometimes they do not match the functional needs of the display. When shopping for new pieces, go to the experts, like Joslin Displays, who specialize in these types of items. They have the knowledge and access you need to build the storefront of your dreams. 

  • Keep Up With It 

As boring and tedious as it may be, upkeep is still crucial to making your display stay well. Plus, when you give it a little bit of shine, it looks brand new and is at its best. A win-win! 

  • Maintain Even Distribution 

If a structure bears too much weight, it will quickly falter and warp from the stress. That leads to breaks, messes, and plenty of other issues. Keep your tables, shelves, and mannequins even-keeled and make sure they do not have too much weight on them. Otherwise, they may break. 

  • Keep Them Away From Traffic

Though customers typically do not have a mission to destroy your store, accidents happen. If you put your display right near a heavy traffic area, there is bound to be connection and, eventually, collisions. Leave space around the display and ensure people can walk around it instead of bumping into it. 

With these tips, your display will look great and function just as well. Keep up with your display, and when you need new materials or mannequins, contact Joslin Displays at 1-(800)-325-1030!