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It’s Female Mannequin Prom Season!

Posted by on 4/18/2017 to General

It is that time of year again: prom season. Everyone is up and about trying to find that perfect dress for a night to remember. The right display will allow all the girls that go to prom to locate the dress that will fit their tastes just right. Remember, however, that without the right female mannequins to display your clothes, you could be losing some of the customers that would love to be in your dress.

The hardest thing about shopping for prom is dress shopping. Any woman who has gone to prom has worried about the clothes fitting right, looking good on her skin tone, or even if someone else will find the same dress. The choosing of the dress takes up months of stress leading up to prom season. So, why would you not have a display to help the girls out?

Having the proper female mannequins in your store will help for a variety of reasons when it comes to dress shopping, and it is important to remember these pointers when choosing your mannequin from Joslin Displays.


When you present the dress, you can highlight the multiple options there are for the dresses in your store. Not all dresses will be the same in design, so it is important to remember to highlight the differences in the area that those designs are. It will allow the girls to see what styles are available this season and see what they would look like on a human figure. While each person is different, the dress that is on the mannequin is what will draw them towards the style of dress they want so they can take it into the dressing room.


Length is another important aspect that the right mannequin can highlight. Many dresses are short or long, and it will allow the shoppers to see the length in proportion to the body. This way they can decide if they feel the length may be a little too short or a little too long. It is also a good way to display a hi-low hem dress (one that is shorter in the front and longer in the back). It will allow the customer to see the hemline of the dress and make her decision.


It seems silly, but if the dress has straps, or is very strapped on the back, a female mannequin can show off the way the straps will be on the back of the individual. As one typically cannot see the back in general, this is a good way for the shopper to see the whole dress rather than what she can see on her body alone.

With prom season looming, it is important to remember that having the right female mannequins in your store will not only lead to your success, but to the girl's success as well. If she can find a dress on display that she likes and loves when it is on, it is a lucky day. That is why we recommend showing all dresses on one of our female mannequin choices so that the dress is shown off in all of its glory.