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Increase Sales Like a Retail Master with Mannequins

Posted by on 7/12/2019 to Articles

Mannequins are a display item that can increase your sales by anywhere from 10 to 35 percent. As a retail store owner, how can you turn down an opportunity to increase sales like that? Using mannequins in your retail display properly will ensure you are taking advantage of this increase in the best way possible. 

What are Mannequins Used For?

Mannequins are a vital part of visual merchandising that provide retail store owners with a way to breathe life into their products.

Store owners can use mannequins to create a “living” display using products from their store. Seeing a real-life example of your products in use will help customers with the decision-making process, and it may help push a customer to buy all of the items together. Even if you aren’t selling clothes, using mannequins in a “living” display will inspire customers to make a purchase.

Think about the image or fantasy that you want to convey as well as the items you will have the mannequin modeling. Planning first will help you decide how to use mannequins in your store display.

How to Choose a Mannequin

Once you have decided on how to use your mannequins, the next step is choosing the right one. It is essential to ensure the mannequins you use will appeal to your customer base. Don’t just consider features like gender and size, but also think about things like whether your customer will prefer a realistic or abstract mannequin. With so many types of mannequins on the market, knowing what will appeal to your customers will make choosing one much easier.

Also, keep in mind that the pose of the mannequin will affect how quickly and easily the mannequin can be dressed. While some poses may be more appealing, they are also time-consuming to prepare for display.

Ready to Get Started?

At Joslin Displays, we have many types of mannequins available for sale. We also carry a variety of other supplies to meet all of your retail needs! Visit our website for more information or call us today at (800) 325-1030.