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How to Use Mannequins for Summer Displays

Posted by Joslin's Displays on 4/24/2020 to Articles
How to Use Mannequins for Summer Displays

The rising temperatures and longer days have officially hailed the coming of the summer season. To retail store owners, this means it’s time to start using mannequins to show off the newest fashions of the season. However, to consumers, summer marks the time of year for hot days spent shopping for the hottest new summer trends in clothing and accessories. It’s the time of year to dress your store’s mannequins in the trendiest bathing suits, shorts, tank tops, flip flops, skirts, and more. Summer clothes and accessories easily lend themselves to the creative use of mannequins for in-store displays and window displays.

As any seasoned retail store owner will tell you, it’s vital to create in-store and window displays that coincide with the season. Not only should your displays be attention-grabbing, but they should be attractive in an engaging manner to entice people to enter your store. And, as we’ve mentioned before, an effective store display has a central theme that retail store fixtures are organized around. So, for summer this year, try to think of activities your customers may enjoy and get creative with your store displays!


Get Creative

It’s easy to be creative when you purchase or rent mannequins from Joslin Displays. We have a wide variety of mannequins that can easily be used for summer-themed store displays. While people tend to be more active this time of year, it’s the perfect opportunity to arrange your mannequins in dynamic poses.  By mimicking popular summer activities, such a volleyball games or camping, you’ll quickly capture the attention of window shoppers. After earning an individual’s attention, your display will also visually inform them of your fresh, seasonal merchandise available.

When designing your store display, consider the type of activities that appeal to your target audience. For example, an outdoors store may focus on camping, barbeques, and hiking.  However, a retail clothing store may showcase their items by creating a beach-themed display.  With so many summertime options to choose from, the possibilities are truly endless! The key is to incorporate a wide range of relevant merchandise in combination with a display that is visually appealing.  For more ideas, check out our past article on cross-merchandising to increase your sales revenue.  

Start your summer season off on the right foot, contact us today at 1-800-325-1030 for the largest selection of high-quality mannequins!