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How to Make the Most of a Female Mannequin

Posted by on 12/28/2016 to General

Making your display the most effective it can possibly be is key to successful advertisement and gaining the attention of passerby. If you have mannequins, you know how effective they can be and how immediately striking they are at times. To make them completely effective, there are several ways you can make the most of their appearance - especially a female mannequin. The following are some ways you can make these statues look even better! 

1.) Use Accessories 

Accessories are diverse and enhance an outfit when used well. Find your best selling accessories and outfit a mannequin with them. Not only will the mannequin look more striking, but it will also give you the opportunity to sell all of the unique accessory items you have available that may not get shelf space at another time or anywhere else. 

2.) Construct Quality Outfits 

If the items on your female mannequin are not very exciting, well-made, or interesting, it will not work well. Save your best, most popular items and outfits for mannequins: it leaves a strong impression and immediately showcases the best you have to offer for your customers in a captivating way. 

3.) Place Them Effectively 

A mannequin may have the most visually appealing or beautiful outfit in your store, but it does not mean anything if it is not immediately accessible to the public. Make sure that your mannequins are placed strategically and made visible to the public. Otherwise, you will not gather the attention your business needs or deserves. 

4.) Keep Them in Good Condition 

Much like placement, poor upkeep can make even the most interesting outfit appear less beatuful, or make it look dirty. Keep up on maintenance and ensure your products are clean, streamlined, and ready for observation. The better you maintain them, the more time the public will have to get acquainted with them and see what you have to offer! 

5.) Focus on Variety 

Whether it is through difference skin tones, poses, or outfits, variety is key to enhancing the appearance of mannequins in a display. If they all look the same or are posed similarly, they are not nearly as captivating as they could be. Be sure to find statues with a variety of skin tones, poses, and other details that make them unique. 

Sure, a mannequin can seem rather static, but there are plenty of opportunities to enhance them and make them look captivating. You are sure to catch the attention of customers if you follow these tips. 

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