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How to Make Mannequins Work for All Seasons

Posted by on 9/26/2016 to General

Ensuring that your display looks good each and every day is key to business success, and making your display work to its fullest ability. Each and every detail should be taken care of for optimal aesthetic purposes.

A mannequin can easily serve as a strong focal point for your display, and make the display look its best. As the seasons change, so should your decorative items to reflect that time of year. Making your mannequins look good every time of year is key - so find out how to make the most of them each and every part of the year! 

1.) Switch Up Outfits 

It is always disjointed when a display has out-of-season clothing available. Ensuring that each season is reflected in your display will give it longevity and make it appropriate for all kinds of weather situations. 

Make sure any mannequin in your store is outfitted to reflect these changes in season and have the right product to look good. 

2.) Stick With Staples

Just because the seasons change does not mean you have to revamp every single piece of an outfit when the display is reconfigured. Chances are, everyone has staple items they use all times of the year that they are comfortable with. So, your mannequins should reflect that, and showcase staple items like t-shirts, jeans, and other year-round essentials. There is always a demand for these types of items! 

3.) Highlight Seasonal Items 

Seasonal items are important, but they do not necessarily have the longest shelf-life. However, they can certainly work well enough for the times they are relevant. Be sure to display all kinds of seasonal items - not only does it highlight your products, but it also allows them to be fully exposed for their time of use. Since there is limited demand and a shorter shelf-life, it is important to get the product sold so it does not take up room in storage. 

4.) Add Accessories 

You want to be sure each product of yours that is seasonal gets the attention and care it deserves, and has the potential to drive sales. Even accessories need a bit of extra love to get sold and compliment seasonally appropriate outfits. This will compliment your display, and allow for an increase in accessory sales. Your display‚Äôs statues will look even more fresh and exciting, which makes them look great every time of year! 

5.) Keep the Outfits Balanced 

Though keeping seasonal products at the forefront is a smart move, and certainly necessary to free up some stock, your best sellers and popular products need love too. Be sure that your display features a nice mixture of both seasonally appropriate and established popular/signature items. 

It is important to have every aspect of your business work well each time of the year. Outfits are a big part of sales, so ensuring they are quality for each and every season is key. Follow the tips above, and your mannequins are going to look great each and every day! 

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