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How to Maintain Mannequins

Posted by on 10/25/2016 to General

 Making sure your mannequins are top quality is important to your storefront. They are the best way to display your business’ clothing in a realistic way. They are central to your display as well, so being on top of them is key. When they look their best, customers are bound to notice.

Below, see some tips you can use as a guide to maintain these important statues. For all of your display needs, you can rely on Joslin Displays! 

  • Cleaning 

The most basic instruction, but perhaps the most essential! Without proper cleaning and upkeep, a mannequin is going to look pretty dirty. This is, of course, not a great look for anything that is going to be in a display. Make sure you read special instructions as necessary, and keep a maintenance routine going. 

  • Use Shelf Aids 

To give your most often used statues a lift or new angle, try shelf products that will keep the statue in shape. Otherwise, they may become looser or bent out of shape. Poor posture will lead to plenty of issues down the line, so be sure to use all kinds of display aids to keep everything in formation. 

  • Work Carefully

These are delicate and fragile products, so using your discretion when assembling or moving these statues is key. Be sure to be very careful and treat these items with care, or they may fall apart and not be of use. That would not be good for your display and business! 

These tips are just a few ways to make sure your mannequins stay looking wonderful and work well with your display. Follow the advice, and your display items are going to last much longer and stay in the correct position.

For all kinds of display needs and accessories, Joslin Displays is here for you. Give us a call at 1-(800)-325-1030!