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How to Keep a Mannequin in Good Display Shape

Posted by on 9/29/2016 to General

When you are working on your display, every piece is important to its appearance and should be kept in good order. Showcasing your best products is key, so making sure each item of the display is kept in great shape will attract shoppers. 

Mannequins are a strong focal point of your display, so making them look their best is a sure way to draw attention and enhance your display. Below, observe how you can make your mannequin the best it can be while on display! 

1.) Rotate Outfits 

While a great outfit is key to making your mannequin look nice, it cannot stay in style forever. Switching up outfits to make sure the looks on your mannequin are fresh is key. 

You want to be sure that your display features new looks and items as well as your best-selling items, so reworking displays accordingly to truly show off the best you have to offer will be effective. 

2.) Have Diversity 

There are plenty of types of mannequins available. They reflect different races, genders, and other unique traits. It is good to have a diverse cast of characters to appeal to many types of people and keep the public interested. 

By appealing to more customers and audiences, you can be sure that you will have even better sales than before. 

3.) Accessorize 

Clothing is a very important thing to display, and there is certainly plenty of variety to appeal to many different types of people under that umbrella. However, having quality accessories in your display is a good way to showcase your more unique, oft-forgotten items. 

Make sure a mannequin is outfitted with plenty of accessories before you put it out on display. It will make it look even more interesting, and will serve as an even better way to show everything that you’ve got in stock. 

4.) Clean Them

Though they are fairly static pieces, you want to be sure that a mannequin stays clean and looking its best when it is on display. When you are giving a little bit of extra TLC to your display and cleaning it, do not skip out on these statues. 

A simple cleaning may make all of the difference, so give it the extra bit of effort to ensure that it looks pleasing to the eye. 

5.) Vary Poses 

Having a bunch of statues in the same pose can make your display look just a bit boring and far too normative. Adding a variety of poses can give more life to your display, and will certainly be more attention-grabbing than anything completely static. 

A variety of poses will add a bit of an interesting flair amongst the many display pieces you will have in your storefront. 

Making sure your mannequins are looking great will enhance your display and make the most of these display statues. Strong displays will be sure to capture the attention of shoppers, and may translate into sales. No part of the display should be subpar if you want to captivate the masses!

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