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How to Create Attractive Merchandise Displays with Quality Store Fixtures

Posted by Kevin on 1/22/2014 to Articles
At Josliln Displays, we’ve been in the retail store fixtures business for over one hundred years and have always kept close attention to the ways that our customers utilize our products to create eye catching and attractive displays in their businesses. With this much experience in the industry, it’s safe to say that we’re somewhat of an authority on the use of effective retail store fixtures. And, knowing that the best judges of our success are our customers, we try to keep them well informed regarding anything and everything about the retail store fixtures industry. This is why we’d like to take this time to go over a few key elements of product displays that can make your merchandise highly attractive to your customers.

Every display needs to have some type of theme that will guide its aesthetic quality and keep you on track when designing it. Think of what materials you’ll need before you start designing your display. For example, decide if you’re going to need female mannequins and/or male mannequins in order to comply with the aesthetic theme you’ve chosen. If you have to, make a list of what you’ll need before putting your display together. Once you’ve chosen a theme and started compiling a list of materials you’ll need to express that theme, you’ll have a solid foundation on which to be as creative as you like. 

Your Customers’ Attention

Next, choose an attractive focal point in your display that will grab the attention of your customers. As creatures of habit, people’s eyes are generally focused towards one major element of a retail store display. Something like a realistic scene between two mannequins adorned with attractive merchandise will naturally draw people in to your display. Then, utilize certain background elements that help to accent your focal point. In this example, surrounding your focal point with products that relate to the merchandise your mannequins are displaying will reinforce a customer’s willingness to inquire further and make them more likely to peruse your merchandise.

And, perhaps the most important tip of all, is keeping your displays new and exciting. Don’t let your merchandise or retail store fixtures remain stagnant and gather dust. In the customer’s mind, this will only serve to reinforce the idea that your business and merchandise are simply out dated. Even small changes to a retail store display can keep things from getting old quickly. Stick with Joslin Displays and you’ll have all the store fixtures necessary to keep your merchandise looking fresh and your customers coming back.

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