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How To Tell If Displays Are Effective

Posted by on 5/25/2018 to General

The purpose of a display is to grab attention and be effective. If the shows aren’t, the items you sell on that piece will not sell well. Effective advertising and income go hand in hand, so it’s crucial that you know when your retail displays are looking great and when they could use a bit of improvement. If you notice these trends with your presentations, you know that they are working great and are useful for your business. 

Increased revenue 

Once the capital starts coming in, it’s easy to see that something is going right. People like what you’re offering if they are buying plenty of it and contributing to your business. Things are certainly going well if you have the revenue to prove it and can sell even more product! 

People stop and pay attention 

Even if someone doesn’t come in and peer closer at your retail displays, it still means you are providing a visual that is striking and could be very useful the day they decide to come in and shop. Don’t let window shoppers discourage you. If they stop and see what you have and look interested in it, that’s a sign you’re doing effective visual advertisement. Still, it is always preferable that someone makes a purchase or two. 

They look good

Sometimes, it’s as easy as taking a second glance to assess how your displays perform. If they look lovely and have a cohesive theme, it’s safe to assume that you did a good job arranging the products and that they can be useful if exposed to the public in the right way. Always make sure they are readily visible, though!


You receive feedback

If you’re lucky, customers or other people will compliment you and share their enthusiasm for your displays! Whether it’s another business owner or customer, positive feedback is living, breathing proof that the way you’re going about your business is confident and moving in the right direction. 

If you notice your retail displays getting regarded in this way, you are doing it right. To make your showings the most effective they can be, you need to find a quality vendor for every part of them. Joslin Displays is happy to provide equipment, feedback, and quality service to business owners, so give us a call at 1-(800)-325-1030 and see what we can do for you today!