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How To Make Shoe Displays Interesting

Posted by on 9/27/2017 to General

If you’re a business owner that showcases shoes, you've probably stumbled along the way when you try to make your shoe displays exciting or innovative. After all, they need to be if you want to bring customers into your business! While some people believe ostentatious displays are best, there are subtle ways you can make your shoes pop without having to do much heavy lifting. 

  • Add Some Risers 

Instead of just sticking shoes on a shelf and hoping someone will notice your best pair, give them an opportunity to shine! Risers are a great way to add some stylistic flair and edge to your shoe displays. It doesn’t require rearranging your shelving or other structures. You’re just adding to it and making the best of what you have, which can go a long way. 

  • Compliment Decor 

If your business has a more rustic appearance, work with wooden risers or shelving to keep the displays in line with the rest of your store. Or, if you prefer a modern look, try a sleek metal shelf or riser. When all of the pieces get tied together, it offers a much more pleasurable shopping experience to customers. They’re more likely to come back to a shop they enjoy navigating! 

  • Show Off Your Best 

A display is the best place to showcase your best-selling shoes or provide a new model the opportunity to shine. Whatever the case may be, your most exciting and current styles should always be the focal point of your displays so they can appeal to the public. 


You don’t need expensive overhauls or brand new structures to make shoe displays get noticed - you just need some know-how and the right accessories! Luckily, Joslin Displays has all you need to make your displays great. Give us a call at 1-(800)-325-1030 and see what we can do for you today!