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How To Dress Mannequins

Posted by on 1/19/2018 to General

The best thing about mannequins - at least for businesses - is that they have the capability of showcasing clothing, footwear, and accessories realistically. Shoppers won’t have to wonder about how the clothes will look once worn if they see how they appear on a statue. Of course, there are many body types, and no medium is perfect. Still, using a mannequin to display an outfit is a good strategy if you know how to dress the well! 

Use form-fitting items 

People will have a realistic grasp on how an outfit looks if the items in question are fitted well on the mannequin. It’s essential to have a properly adjusted outfit, so customers understand the style, feel, and look of an entire ensemble. If you use something too loose, it may not look as good or be as faithful to the intended design. 

 Pay attention to trends

Now, subscribing to Vogue isn’t a must, but having a grasp on current fashion trends is helpful. You’ll have the ability to provide outfits for mannequins that you know for sure have approval from the public. It’s almost a guaranteed sell when you place a quality, in style outfits on your statues! 

Keep it seasonal 

If you live in an area of the world with multiple seasons, you need to have plenty of clothing to wear for each. As seasons change, so do the fashion trends. When you’re getting statues ready, pay attention to seasonal styles and clothing that works well for that time of year. People are already shopping for clothing essentials for that time, so why not showcase products you have that fit the mold? 


It’s crucial to add flair and distinct style to every outfit, especially one displayed for the public. Make sure each statue has matching accessories. It’s a win-win: the ensembles look stylish, plus you get to sell accessories you have in your store. 


Mannequins can be very effective selling tools if you dress and display them correctly. If you need a mannequin or other display equipment, call Joslin Displays at 1-(800)-325-1030!