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How Retail Fixtures Can Define Your Business

Posted by on 11/19/2015

Retail Fixtures play a major role in defining your business. They are part of your visual identity. Of course, they need to be functional so your products are properly displayed. However, they must be selected carefully so they also represent your company in an accurate and positive manner. At Joslin Displays, we have all the retail fixtures you’ll need to make your store visually charming and effective in serving your purpose. To help you pinpoint the type of retail fixtures that will make your store great, we’ve listed some of the most prominent, and explained why they can be of value to your business.

ONE: HangersThese are an obvious necessity if you sell clothes. But determining what kind of hanger suits your company can be more impactful than you might think. Your decision will come down to which kind of material you want (wood, plastic, metal) and what products will be displayed by the hangers (coats, shirts, skirts, suits, pants, etc). Different types of clothes require different types of hangers. Decide what your business needs and go from there.

TWO: Display showcases. These require a little more consideration into the image your business is trying to project and where in your store the showcases will be. If you’re a jewelry store, you’re likely best fitted to buy glass tower cases. If you’re a business that prides itself on simplicity and professionalism, an economy display case might be best for you. You also want to think about where your display showcases will best be used. What do you want customers to look at when they first enter your store? Does it require a display case? If so, which kind will appeal to them the most?

THREE: Clothing racksAnother essential if you’re advertising clothes. But clothing racks come in all different shapes and sizes, so be aware of your customer base and whether or not they’d prefer rolling racks or double-barred racks when sifting through potential outfits. There are also different types of racks for caps and hats, belts, ties, shoes, glasses, and other products. These structures should be strategically placed so that customers can conveniently view your products while being able to move about the store.

FOUR: MannequinsBelieve it or not, these sometimes creepy fixtures can make or break a visual display. Mannequins allow customers to picture themselves wearing your products and imagine how a given item comes across on a human rather than just a hanger. Mannequins are made to represent various demographics, such as males, females, children, blacks, and whites. They’re also available in the act of doing an activity, so, for example, a biker can visualize how his gear will look as he’s riding.

FIVE: Tables, shelves, and bins. Like all retail fixtures, these should match the identity of your company and be effectively spaced throughout your store, but you don’t have to put quite as much effort into determining the style of these products because they’re more generic and less impressionable than the aforementioned fixtures.