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How Jewelry Displays Tidy Your Closet

Posted by on 2/3/2016

With all the different pieces of jewelry to wear, storing them effectively and safely can become a chore. Storing your jewelry not only helps to keep your jewelry in good condition, but having a jewelry display in your closet gives it a pleasing appearance and uncluttered look.

Jewelry can suffer damage if it isn’t stored properly. A diamond can scratch another diamond and it can scratch gold and platinum. Pearls are soft and scratch and chip easier than gems and metals. Necklace chains can get tangled when they’re thrown together in a box, and kinks in the chain can become a hassle, or ruin the chain all together. Jewelry is fragile, storing it properly helps prolong its life and keep it from collecting dust. It can also help keep your jewelry from tarnishing when the jewelry is cleaned after every use. 

Keeping your jewelry secure will prevent pieces from moving around and bumping into other pieces. Keeping it in an organized, labeled area will also help you find that piece of jewelry you want to wear today. Instead of searching for that piece, you can know exactly where that it is and grab it without a second thought. No more missing necklaces on date night! Having necklaces organized and untangled makes it easier to get ready in the morning.

Storing your jewelry display in your closet takes clutter away from your living space and keeps it out of eyesight from other people or children who might want to play with that shiny object on the night stand.

Clutter is stressful and unsightly. Organizing your jewelry will give you peace of mind and one less task to worry about. You’ll save time by not having to look for things and gain some storage space for other items. It will make the space look more attractive.

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