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How Cross-Merchandising Can Increase Your Retail Sales

Posted by Joslin's Displays on 2/28/2020 to Articles
How Cross-Merchandising Can Increase Your Retail Sales

Cross merchandising refers to the display of unrelated merchandise to potentially boost sales.  Products that are categorized differently are displayed in one area to entice customers to broaden their shopping experience.  For example, shoe displays may be matched with handbags or athletic wear depending on the type of shoe and store. In this article, we’re taking a look at a few ideas on how implementing the cross-merchandising sales technique can boost your retail sales.


Plant the seed

An essential component to cross-merchandising is logical sense.  Although the items are unrelated, they need to relate.  Makes sense, right? Let us give you a few examples to explain further.


    • ·        Battery displays at the end of an electronics or toy aisle
    • ·        Neckties displayed with men’s collared shirts
    • ·        Fashion accessories (jewelry or handbags) with women’s evening gowns or dresses
    • ·        Shoelaces and protectants near shoe displays


At first glance, the customer will see an item that isn’t what they’re shopping for and move on to the item of the intended purchase.  However, the seed is planted, and by the end of the shopping experience, if your display works correctly, the need will be realized.  Since you’re purchasing a new pair of dress shoes from a carefully crafted shoe display, it makes sense to grab the leather protectant while you’re already at the store. The customer is saving time by doing so, and the retailer is increasing sales through cross-merchandising displays.


Visually appealing displays

Even if you plant the seed, it doesn’t always result in a sale.  Cross-merchandising is a subtle but effective way to increase sales.  The technique encourages shoppers to look at items that complement what they intend to buy (or are interested in).  However, how your displays are presented makes a difference.

Products should be logically placed enabling customers to make the correlation. Beyond logic, you’ll need to neatly arrange the merchandise, avoiding clutter, for your visual message to be translated with clarity.  The use of mannequins, hangers, slatwall, and other display methods will help you to achieve this goal.


Through positive ambiance and subtle suggestions, you can increase your retail sales.  From shoe displays to home essentials, the possibilities are endless.  When you begin to consider your options for displays, remember that our team at Joslin’s Displays is here to help.  For decades we’ve been empowering the retail industry with successful methods and supplies to increase their revenue.  Visit our online catalog or give us a call at (800) 325-1030.