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How Can I Make My Retail Store Look Better?

Posted by on 6/21/2019 to General

If your goal is to entice customers to shop, then creating an appealing store layout is one of the most important things you can do. Are you wondering how to improve the design of your retail displays and layout? Here are some tips to help!

How Do You Design a Retail Store Layout?

Your retail store design should consider two things, how to increase revenue and increase the customer experience. It is essential not to ignore the latter. Understanding how the brain reacts to certain stimuli is one of the first things you should do. Your ultimate goal should be to design your retail displays to influence customers to buy more. You can’t do that without getting into the mind of your customer.

A Checklist for Designing Retail Displays

  • Window Display - Your window display is the first point of contact customers have with your brand. It is what will convince them to come into your store in the first place. Make sure your window display is shiny and de-cluttered.
  • The “Decompression Zone” - Customers are leaving the excitement of the outside world when they walk into your store. The entrance to your store should allow them to relax and learn about your brand instead of immediately trying to sell to them. Set up an attractive display that is low and doesn’t block off the view of the rest of the store.
  • To the Right - North American consumers instinctively turn to the right and move counter-clockwise around a store. Place your most compelling items to the right of the decompression zone and then think about the customer journey. Lead customers on a guided tour of your store by placing appealing items and displays that direct them to keep shopping instead of leaving. The idea is always to entice them to buy more.
  • Create Breaks - Display areas with U-shaped backgrounds and eye-catching displays in the middle of aisles will help customers to slow down and look at what you are offering more. You want to reduce the temptation customers will have to rush through the aisles as they pursue their initial goal.
  • Floor Plans - An important consideration in retail interior design involves the use of floor plans and space management. If you can fit it in your space reasonably, aisles placed at an angle can provide more visual appeal. Some stores eliminate aisles all together to move away from the traditional grid layout and entice customers to shop around. Just make sure you leave enough space for customers to move around without sacrificing their personal space.
  • Change it Up - Some retailers change their displays as often as every day. Find something that works, but make sure you change it up often enough to keep it fresh. Stay up to date on current trends in your industry and keep up with seasonal and holiday-related changes.

Ultimately, knowledge of your customer base is going to lead you to have a more attractive and appealing retail store display. It is also vital to have a high-quality source for retail display equipment. Joslin Displays has been helping retail stores with all of their display needs since 1893! Call toll free at 1-800-325-1030 or visit our website to find the items you need for your retail display needs today!