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Have You Ever Considered Mannequins for Military Uniforms and Dress Displays?

Posted by on 8/23/2019 to Articles

Mannequins are mostly used in visual merchandising to display clothing, but that doesn’t limit them to the retail world. In fact, there are many at-home uses for mannequins that you may not have considered before. Did you ever think of using a mannequin as a bedroom decoration? They can be a great way to display old clothes that are dear, but maybe not useful to wear anymore.

Military Uniforms

Do you have valuable, rare uniforms and costumes collecting dust? Whether you’re looking to display a vintage military uniform or your current military uniform, mannequins are an excellent way to show them. This is much better than hiding them away in a closet. Did you know mannequins have displayed military uniforms in homes and historical societies for years?


Sure, you can frame your uniform and hang it up on the wall, but putting your military uniform on a mannequin gives the display a more realistic look. Collectors can enhance the presentation of their uniforms and collectible costumes by utilizing mannequins too!


Poseable mannequins make it possible to enhance the look of the uniform by arranging it in a compelling position. Non-poseable mannequins can work well for your uniforms too! If you are wondering how to display a military uniform, a mannequin might be the solution you’re seeking.


Wedding Dresses


Your wedding is supposed to be one of the best days of your life, a memory that you treasure for years to come. Your wedding gown was expensive, and you only got to wear it for a few hours on your wedding day. Then what happens? What can you do with your wedding dress once the wedding is over?


One way to preserve the memory of that special day is to put your dress up for display. There are several ways to display your gown instead of locking it up where no one will see it again.

Mannequins and dress forms are excellent for dress displays. Displaying your wedding gown on a mannequin can be a great way to keep the memory of the dress alive. It can also add a beautiful and unique element to your home decor.


With the many colors mannequins and dress forms come in, you can use the color to show off your dress. A black dress form, for example, will contrast against the white of the gown nicely. Or you can choose a white or beige color to blend in with the dress instead.


Using a mannequin means you can display your veil as well. You can display the dress in the corner of the room where your wedding photos are, or make it a centerpiece.

Joslin Displays has a wide selection of mannequins and dress forms that would be perfect to use for displaying your old military uniform or wedding gown. Head over to our website to see what we have to offer today!