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Four Things You Need to Know About Shoe Displays

Posted by Joslin's Displays on 11/8/2019 to Articles
Four Things You Need to Know About Shoe Displays

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If you’re in the retail business, you probably already recognize how crucial a good display is for sales. Whether you’re selling clothing, toys, electronics, or shoes, the display is the first thing that customers see.  Enticing people to further explore what is being offered is the sole purpose. For the sake of time, this article will focus on shoe displays and the top four things every retailer should consider,


Space is your friend

One of the biggest mistakes we see with shoe displays is overcrowding.  When it comes to visual merchandising, space is your friend.  Although you may be thinking that having as many products displayed for customers to see is best, this way of thinking could actually work against you.  Without giving the eye a break to process what it’s seeing, people can quickly become overwhelmed, causing them to walk away from your store.



Keeping along the same line, it is very important to show a wide range of the products and sizes that you carry.  Even if your space is limited, displaying a variety is essential to appealing to a larger crowd.  From running sneakers to pumps and everything in between, a variety of styles and sizes is a must.


Keep it clean

Another common mistake that we often see is sloppy displays.  By sloppy, we mean a lack of attention to the details.  Having a clean display will help to attract attention as well as show the dedication you have to your store.  Elements such as price tags, stickers, tissue paper, etc. should all be stored out of sight.  Remember, your display is a reflection of how you operate your business.


Limit the placement

When deciding how to place your shoes, you’ll want to select two or three angles and stick with them.  A unified look with minimal angles will help increase visual interest.  If too many visual arrangements are used, the display can seem cluttered and confusing.


If you’re in the market for shoe displays, check out the extensive inventory at Joslin’s Displays.  Since 1983, we’ve been helping businesses create the optimal displays with the highest-qualities tools and accessories.  Visit us today or give our team a call for more information (800) 325-1030.