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Four Things To Avoid With Retail Displays

Posted by on 7/27/2017 to General

Though it seems retail displays are pretty straightforward, there is an art to making the best showcases possible and capturing the attention of the passerby. There are plenty of practical things to consider so you can ensure the displays work on every level. Joslin Displays advises you to avoid the following if you want to keep your displays intact. 


Too Much Weight 

Distribution matters. If you find that the display is not even or is weighed down, you need to reevaluate the layout. Any excess pressure will cause the display to break, which cause much more problems than you could anticipate or want! 

Lack of Variety 

Customers come from all walks of life and have different interests, so your displays should reflect that and appeal to the masses using the products you have in stock. While constructing retail displays, be sure to include various products that can reach several audiences. 

Improper Installation 

As with any other fixture, proper installation is critical when it comes to retail displays. Be sure to either hire a professional or follow instructions to a T, so it remains intact for plenty of time to come. 

Going for Quantity Over Quality 

It’s tempting to save money and take part in bargains. However, it’s better to spend more money on quality products when the situation calls for it. Shelving and other display materials are no exceptions, so take the time to do your research and shop at a store like Joslin Displays that have the expertise and well-made accessories. 

Retail displays are the cornerstone of any business and ensuring they work well and looking their best is vital. For all of your display needs, from hangers to slatwall hooks, Joslin Displays has it all. Give us a call at 1-(800)-325-1030 and see what we can do for you today!