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Four Benefits of Visual Merchandising with Mannequins

Posted by Administrator on 6/28/2019 to Articles

Mannequins from Joslin Displays

What are the Benefits of Visual Merchandising?

The art of visual merchandising refers to the use of visual stimuli to increase sales. A creative retail store owner can create eye-catching store displays to attract more customers using certain visually-oriented store fixtures like mannequins and shoe displays. 


Effective visual merchandising is a form of art. It’s a creative effort that blends the use of retail fixtures, lighting, signage, and merchandise to produce unique and impressive store displays. The result needs to flatter the merchandise for sale and reinforce the idea that your store is on the cutting edge of fashion. 

When done correctly, visual merchandising can dramatically increase customers and sales. It can also maximize the potential of your space and help you gain the most value out of what you are selling.

How Can Mannequins Help?

Mannequins are some of the most effective sales tools that a retail store owner can use. The use of mannequins is beneficial in an almost limitless number of ways, but we’d like to go over four of the main advantages of them.

  • Personification – Using mannequins to display merchandise gives customers an idea of how that merchandise will look on a human body. When baby doll dresses were trending, mannequins played a vital role in their popularity. When folded up or on a hanger, consumers viewed them as childish or unflattering. Once they were on a mannequin, customers got a more vivid idea of how they’d look in them. The once considered “childish” baby doll dress were now viewed as suitable for any age.

  • Personality – Mannequins are a blank canvas and can be used to express a variety of personalities. You can use them to compliment whatever type of merchandise you are selling. For more modern stores, use mannequins in an urban-themed store display. Are you selling merchandise that is more folksy? You can put your mannequins in a country-themed exhibit. Your mannequins can take on any look you want!

  • Mood – You can light mannequins to set the mood for your store and merchandise. You can go gothic with less light, introspective with a medium amount of light, or active with more lighting. These three uses of lighting and mannequins can go a long way when trying to increase sales.

  • Versatility – Mannequins can be adorned with as much or as little merchandise as you’d like. Don’t just put a dress or suit on your mannequin! Add flattering accessories like watches, hats, handbags, jewelry, and shoes. Getting creative with mannequins can keep current customers shopping and potential customers interested enough to start. Showcase the entire personality of your store, not just one piece!

There are many more advantages to be had with the use of mannequins as a display tool. We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

At Joslin Displays, we have all the mannequins a retail store owner could need to increase their sales! If you’re interested in high-quality mannequins, contact us at 1-800-325-1030, or visit our website today!