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Finding the Right Display Colors

Posted by on 1/10/2017 to General

Assembling the best display for your products is often a challenge. There are many small factors to look after, and satisfying just about all of them is necessary for optimal success and increased sales. Even finding the right color for your displays - whether they are shoe displays or showcase the hottest clothing items - is key. The following are some tips to make sure the color(s) you choose for your displays work well enough. 

  • Go With Complimentary, Not Exact 

While matching works in some cases, it is better to include some complimentary shades instead of a direct copy. Too much of the same color may be an eyesore, plus it could easily mask your distinct items if they match too well. Think of how you can enhance the core colors, not keep up with them. 

  • Observe Products 

Choosing colors that will enhance your products is key. Otherwise, people may not notice them as they browse your displays. Find common shades and compliment them as you need to. Finding a color that brings attention to your products, but is not starkly different from them, is best. 

  • Pay Attention to Seasonal Options 

If you are building seasonal displays, it is best to pay attention to the colors that are most popular during the season. Once you have an idea of what to use, bring out that seasonal flavor! It will make people even more enthusiastic about the current season and will fit in. 

These are just a few tips to find the best colors for your display. Whether you own shoe displays or prefer to prop up clothing, it is vital to make them stand out. Otherwise, you may not get many customers. For any of your display needs, you can count on Joslin Displays. For more information, please give us a call at (800)-325-1030!