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Finding the Best Fashion Accessories for Mannequins

Posted by on 11/21/2016 to General

Since there are many types of accessories on the market, it can be hard to narrow down your favorites - or figure out which ones are going to be the most successful for your business. It is important to understand what the people want, and one of the best ways to show them what you have available is putting your best items on mannequins and displaying them. As a result, your statues should be outfitted with current and interesting clothing and accessories. 

The following are some tips to find the most popular and effective accessories for your displays. For all of your display needs, you can count on Joslin Displays! 

1.) Observe the Market 

Take a look at what your shoppers are wearing and what is the most popular in the market. Your accessories are only going to sell and do well if they appeal to plenty of people. It is important to cater to audiences, and finding the best trends is heavily reliant on observing straight from the source. 

2.) Use Seasonal When Necessary 

Seasonal items have a very limited shelf life, so capitalizing on their relevancy is important. Look at the seasonal trends taking over, and add them to your displays. It will make your mannequins look appropriate for the season, which is bound to draw some attention and satisfy customers that may be looking for season-appropriate accessories. 

3.) Make a Note of What Works 

If particular accessories sell really well, they do for a reason. Clearly, these items resonate with the public and are very popular. So, when thinking of what accessories to put on a mannequin, think of what has sold very well and find similar products to outfit them appropriately. It is important to give attention to what is working, even when you are looking for ways to improve. 

4.) Look at Fashion Trends 

The fashion industry is consistently moving, and it is important to make a note of what is happening inside it. Once you get a grip on what the fashion industry is parading, you can cater your business’ products to these movements. It shows that you are consistently aware of trends, and makes your display look fashion forward. 

5.) Draw Inspiration from Stocked Products 

Take a look at what clothing has been selling well, and be aware of why it works for customers. It is important to make sure your accessories are complimentary to the rest of the products you have, as it will make the products even better. Complimenting the products you have can make everything much more cohesive and attractive to potential buyers. 

Accessories may seem a bit unnecessary or frivolous, but they can really help with sales. Sometimes, the right accessory can make an outfit really pop. Since they are so important, it is good to make sure your displays are outfitted with the latest and greatest trends. Use the following tips, and you are sure to find some new trends that will draw customers in. 

For quality display supplies, you can count on Joslin Displays. To find out more information, give us a call at 1-(800)-325-1030!