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Figuring Out Retail Displays

Posted by on 3/30/2017 to General

Especially if you work in a small space, it is hard to make room and create the displays of your dreams. Half the battle, however, is knowing what you need to use to optimize space, including what items to use to display items across the store. It may seem daunting, but figuring out which mannequins and tools to use can be pretty simple if you break it down. 

1.) Consider Your Space 

First things first: how much space do you have for your items? It is essential that you have set dimensions before you plan any layouts or installations. Otherwise, you may end up wasting or overusing space, which would look bad and disrupt business traffic. 

2.) Assess The Items 

What do you have in the first place? A shoe will not fit on a hanger well, and one clothing item is not suitable for mannequins - they need a whole outfit to look good. Once you take stock of what you have already, you will understand what is necessary for display purposes. 

3.) Look At Your Budget 

Unfortunately, we all have limits. Think of how much you can spend and how strict your budget is. Spending out of your means could cause problems down the road, so, even if it is a tad annoying, keeping an eye on your budget is critical. 

4.) Match Your Space 

Though they are a small part of your whole layout, your display items should match the overall look and feel of your business. Take a look around, notice the colors and patterns that emerge, and do your best to ensure everything flows well. 

5.) Keep An Eye Out For Damage 

Make sure whatever you purchase does not have the ability to damage any goods you sell. No one wants to replace their goods, especially when they are items that you want to display and show off! 

Bear these tips in mind, and your search for display items should be a breeze! Joslin Displays has everything you need for a display, from mannequins to shelves. Give us a call at 1-(800)-325-1030!