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Female Mannequins as Visual Stimuli

Posted by Kevin on 2/26/2014 to General

When it comes to women’s fashion, nothing more clearly communicates to a female shopper how merchandise will look on them than with the use of a female mannequin. Women are more sophisticated than men when it comes to shopping because they are usually more aware of what the trendiest new styles in fashion happen to be. It’s also been proven that women have better peripheral vision than men so utilizing a female mannequin in your retail store is an effective way to grab a female shopper’s attention.

Visual merchandising can be defined as the art of using various visual stimuli to grab your customers’ attention. It is considered an, “art,” because of the myriad of ways that a creative retail shop owner can use different retail store fixtures to display their merchandise. And a female mannequin is one of the most effective mediums that a retail store owner or designer can use to attractively display their women’s merchandise.

Not only are women more apt to buy and shop longer when they have a visual stimulus like a well dressed female mannequin displaying merchandise to reference, but they’re also more willing to try on more clothes as well. It is natural for people to choose clothing that expresses how they see themselves or how they feel at the time. Many factors come into play when people are deciding what and when to buy articles of clothing. When people are shopping for clothes, they’re not simply looking for clothes that fit. They want their clothes to be extensions of their own personality and uniqueness.

A Mannequin’s Effectiveness

So when a woman is shopping, she is far more likely to be attracted to merchandise displayed on a female mannequin than if that same merchandise were merely hanging on a hanger. As highly visual creatures, people tend to react more positively to familiar images like the female form that a mannequin can produce. And, at Joslin Displays, we have a wide selection of female mannequins to suit any shape or size merchandise you can think of. A wise retail shop owner can take advantage of the dozens of different types of mannequins we have in stock to create an almost unimaginable amount of different attractive store displays that will keep people shopping and returning to shop at the same place over and over.

What makes a good retail store is its use of retail store fixtures; especially when it comes to mannequins. A female mannequin can be used to attractively display a piece of women’s clothing, but can also more subtly be used to display other items as well. Aside from simply displaying an outfit, a female mannequin can also be used to display the many accessories that accent an outfit. Items like jewelry, hats, watches, scarves, shoes, purses, tights, and more can all be adorned onto a female mannequin in ways that will make a shopper think of buying something they weren’t originally in the market for.

When it comes to displaying your women’s merchandise, choose a female mannequin to attractively and effectively grab the attention of your customers.

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