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Fall Trends for the Male Mannequin

Posted by on 10/19/2016 to General

Keeping your mannequins looking sharp and stylish is key. Without a great outfit, your mannequin will not have that much appeal or a “wow” factor. After all, you want to get people into your store, right? Gaining, and keeping, attention will translate into more sales and faithful customers. 

To make it stand out, dressing up your male mannequin in the best seasonal trends will make it appealing and look sharp. Check out some of the most popular fall trends on the market below, and always count on Joslin Displays for all of your display needs. 

1.) Plaid

It is getting a bit colder out, so layering up is important. Being warm is key, and so is having a strong sense of style. Plaid/flannel is always a solid pattern choice: it is never too overstated, but adds a bit of dimension to standard colors. You can dress it up or wear it natural. Plus, if it gets too warm or too cold, it is easy enough to remove and put on. 

2.) Leather Jackets 

A classy, expressive jacket is a must-have for the chilly months, and a leather jacket just screams “cool!” It never goes out of style, and can also be quite versatile with all kinds of zipper and pocket designs. There is a reason it has been in the fashion world for so long - it is effortless cool defined, and adds some personality to any outfit. 

3.) Beanies 

Even your head needs a bit of extra attention when the weather gets a bit cooler. To keep it warm, a beanie is always a nice bet. They come in plenty of colors, are easy to work with, and are made in a variety of styles. It is a great accessory for the fall and winter months that can add just a little character to a mannequin ensemble. 

4.) Henley Shirts 

During a time of the year where layering is key, it is always nice to have a basic staple item that is versatile. Henley shirts are a comfortable, warm option that have a fit that is unique enough to stand out from every other t-shirt in your draw. Its unique style and fit will certainly make your mannequin stand out! 

5.) Bomber Jackets 

Bomber jackets have come back in a big way this fashion season, and it seems everyone has one in their closet these days. It is not hard to see why: they are comfortably casual while offering intricate design and a classy look. Depending on the fabric, you can even dress them up with patches or pins to make it more of a statement item! 

These hot fall trends are sure to impress your customers, and make your average male mannequin look even more exciting and in tune with the season. Shoppers are bound to notice your stylish display once you put in a little effort! 

For all of your display needs, you can count on Joslin Displays. Give us a call at 1-(800)-325-1030 and get your storefront sorted out.