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Eye Catching at Eye Level: How to Use Gondola Shelving

Posted by on 8/6/2018

When it comes to retail displays, there are literally millions of options. Not only can you choose the type of display and the equipment you use, but how you arrange your merchandise can make a big difference in what you sell. Here at Joslin Displays, we want you to be as successful as possible. Our line of display equipment includes various models and designs of gondola shelving to help you make the most of your space.


Although it often goes unsaid, it makes perfect sense that you’ll sell the most of whatever you put at eye level. It’s the easiest place for the eyes to land! So, logically, you should put merchandise here that you’re looking to sell the most of. It’s up to you to decide your course of action using this method. You could put excess inventory here in an attempt to sell more of it. You can also put high profit or featured items here, so they’re easy to spot if a customer is looking.


With this information, you may be skeptical that this simple method actually works. So here’s an example:


You’re at the grocery store. This is arguably the industry that uses the most gondola shelving. The perfectly symmetrical aisles are stocked from the floor to the top with goodies. But how do they decide what to put on each shelf? Take a closer look next time you’re shopping. Most of the time, the generic, store brand products are higher up or on the bottom shelf. What’s at eye level? You guessed it - the name brands! These are typically more expensive, and therefore more profitable, and will sell better if they are at eye level.


Having a uniform way to display your products make them appear more organized, and it makes it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for. But knowing how to show items on your gondola shelving is the key to success. For more information about all of our display materials, please call us 800-325-1030 to speak with a shelving professional here at Joslin Displays!