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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Gondola Shelving

Posted by on 7/19/2019 to Articles

When you are designing or redesigning your retail space, there are so many decisions to make. What sort of lighting should you use? Where do you want your most important items to be displayed? How should you present them? In your research, you may have heard of gondola shelving, a popular type of shelving used by many retailers. But what is it, and why is it so popular?

What is Gondola Shelving?

Gondola shelving is a freestanding fixture that usually consists of a flat base and a vertical element with slatwalls, notches, or pegboards. This type of shelving is popular in retail because it can be rearranged and moved. Although this can be a hassle if you have a lot of merchandise or shelves, so you should plan how you want to use your shelves before setting them up where possible. 

Gondola shelves are also versatile, stackable, and units join together with ease for larger displays. They are made of heavy-duty steel and extremely durable.

Why is it Called Gondola Shelving?

Nobody knows the answer to this. It could have something to do with the likeness of the shelving to gondola boats that are long and flat-bottomed like the shelves.

How is it Different from Lozier Shelving?

Gondola shelving is actually the same as Lozier shelving! Lozier shelving is a popular and trusted brand of shelving. They make gondola shelves among other items and are in stock here at Joslin Displays.

What is Gondola Shelving Used For?

Gondola shelving is an excellent option for stores with limited space.  With them, you can artfully display a large amount of merchandise in a small area using this retail display item. You can use the shelving for all types of merchandise. The numerous accessories that a designed for gondola shelving mean you can use it to display almost anything you desire.

Gondola shelving is also remarkable because it is easy to use the shelves as endcaps. Properly placed endcaps can entice a customer to move through your store beyond the item they originally came to the store to purchase. Designing your store in a way that attracts visitors to visit every section is an art. Using endcaps properly is just one of the many tools retail stores use to achieve this goal.

At Joslin Displays, we have a large variety of retail display products, including gondola shelving. Visit our blog for more tips and tricks. Or head over to our online store to get the items you need to create a retail experience your customers will love!