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Essentials of a Shoe Display

Posted by on 8/15/2016 to General

Though they are not as common as clothing racks, shoe displays are very important for shoppers to see. Shoes are still quite a varied and exciting product. Much like clothing, these displays also have to be top-notch in order to get the attention of passerby. 

Below, see what your shoe display needs to be the talk of the town and how you can make it work for your store! 

1.) Variety 

You want to be sure that there are plenty of options available for your shoppers, otherwise you are not going to be able to keep people interested. Keeping people on their toes and showing all you have will be beneficial for sales. 

It is important to include all types of shoes, since there is plenty of variety to be found - and quite a few markets to appeal to. 

2.) Sale Items 

The top-sellers in your store are always going to appeal to the masses and drive customers to your business. Those hot items certainly have their place in a display, and should most definitely be part of the team.

However, it is also very important that your sale items are given the time of day. When people are shopping, a sale is always attractive. Showcasing your best deals has the potential to drive sales, and draw attention at the very least! 

3.) New Items 

Capitalizing on your newest arrivals is key. They are the most current and exciting products you have. Displaying them will show shoppers what kind of trends are taking over the market right now as well, which can guide them to similar options that they enjoy. 

New items that have already proven themselves as popular are especially necessary for a display, since they have already shown their worth. 

4.) Established Classics 

Your most popular items are definitely going to drive customers to your business repeatedly. There is an established demand for your best-sellers, and some people may only know of your store through the most popular products. 

As long as they work well enough with the current trends, your most popular shoes should always have a spot in your shoe displays. They will always stay in style if there is enough demand for them! 

5.) Accessories 

Maintaining shoes is important, and giving them a little bit of extra care can make all of the difference in their appearance and longevity. Shoe polish, stain remover, and other common items can remove messes while giving footwear the best appearance possible.

Including these type of items, as well as laces and other decorative accessories, will add a bit of variety and excitement to rather static products. 

When you are prepping a display for your footwear, you want to be sure that it is going to succeed and bring plenty of sales to the table. Follow the tips above, and your displays are sure to look their best and grab the attention of passerby.

When you require display needs - for shoe displays and beyond - give Joslin Displays a call at (800)-325-1030!