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Enhancing Your Shoe Display

Posted by on 7/21/2016 to General

When displaying your products, you want to be sure that the items are looking their best. A good presentation, combined with quality product, is what draws the customer into the shop and generates business. 

Shoes are no exception, and you can enhance your display to make them look great. Follow the tips below to make them pop, and your future shoe displays will be their best! 

1.) Use Quality, Not Quantity 

Your display pieces are going to have to withstand plenty of force, so make sure you invest in quality items. You do not want everything to collapse easy, or for your hard work to be undone. 

A sturdy frame, shelf, or riser is going to be worth so much more than something flimsy. Sometimes, cheaper is not always better. Using items that are well-made will ensure proper display and protection. 

2.) Add Variety 

If you hold multiple brands of shoes, you want to make sure your shoe displays reflect your taste. Keeping only your most popular shoes out in the open can drive sales, but does not speak highly of your shop’s complete selection.

When constructing a display, make sure it has plenty of brands and types of shoes. Doing so will result in a broader outreach, which is sure to bring more customers in! 

3.) Use Unique Structures 

Standard risers and shelves may seem like the go-to, but it does not have to be your only option. Take a look at even more unique items when you are shopping for materials. 

There are structures out there that have varying shapes and designs, so do not be afraid to be a bit unique: get the interesting shapes and you will catch the attention of people passing by for sure. 

4.) Make Sales Front and Center 

Discounts can give one store a prominent advantage over another. If you are shopping and see the same item on sale somewhere else, you are going to go to for the cheaper option every time. 

So, if your store is having any killer shoe sales, make sure the display shows it. If your newest deals are right in front, you can be sure that customers will be taking them into consideration and will be happy to save pennies. 

5.) Keep It Clean 

This is a rather basic step, but it is truly essential. You need to make sure your display looks very clean and accessible. No one wants to buy anything from a dirty store.

Since they are the very first thing you see when you walk by a store, keeping displays nice and clean will give off a good impression - which will translate to sales. 
Giving your displays a bit of extra TLC will also help your products stay in good enough shape for customers as well, which will surely be appreciated. 

There are plenty of displays out there, so making yours stand out and look its best will help your shop get the customers you need while showcasing the best of your products. 

For quality shoe displays, mannequins, and other display items, contact Joslin Displays at (800)-325-1030!