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Enhancing The Male Mannequin

Posted by on 9/19/2016 to General

Having the most trendy and high-quality displays will ensure that your business can show off its best product while looking professional and aesthetically pleasing. Each and every part of your display is important, and overlooking details can result in some less than enthusiastic response. 

Even your mannequins have to be up to par with every other piece of your display. It is important to display all kinds of outfits on all kinds of mannequins - including males. Below, see how you can take your male mannequin’s outfits to the next level in your display! 

1.) Accessorize 

Male fashion is often thought of as rather uninspired and static, but this is simply not the case. There is always room to improve, and making your outfit stand out does not have to involve anything super-flashy or overstated. 

Adding some accessories to your outfit is a subtle and excellent way to make an outfit stand out. Belts, bracelets, hats, and other items are just a few of the pieces you can use to make a mannequin look even more expressive. 

2.) Try New Colors 

Though plenty of quality outfits can be made from more neutral colors, a brighter or more lively color is always going to stand out. This holds especially true in the world of male fashion, where some limited options can exist. Give the mannequin a brighter outfit and work with plenty of colors, and you may find a new trend or something really special. 

3.) Display Seasonal Items 

Seasonal items have a limited shelf life, so it is important to have them sell very well during their limited span. Be sure to dress all of your mannequins up with seasonal items so customers can see the hottest outfits of the moment, and really get in the seasonal shopping mode. Once they are open and accessible to the public, seasonal items are going to sell much better and faster. 

4.) Offer Different Styles 

Not every person is the same, or has similar fashion sense. Catering to all types of customers is key to gaining plenty of business, and it even comes down to the displays. Be sure to highlight plenty of styles, outfit choices, and moods - using each mannequin to offer variety is a way to show everything you have available and expand your clientele. 

5.) Vary Items 

Though best-selling items are always going to do well and draw the attention of the public, lesser-known items are important too. Each item you have available has the ability to sell, so ensuring the public sees a variety of items is a good way to getting them recognized. When constructing outfits for your male mannequin, include a mix of both best sellers and staple items.  

A mannequin is one of the best display mediums available to really showcase what your business has to offer, and they are highly customizable. Male fashion may be seen as rather streamlined, but there is still room for expression and optimization. Follow the tips above, and your male mannequin will look excellent!

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