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Dressmaker Forms

Posted by on 12/30/2015

Rising talent or already established, the need for dress maker forms is an undeniable need in the changing society of today. While many times clothing is bought right of the shelf and the need for individual dressmaker forms seems to have dwindled, the inspiration of making dresses and costumes again has gotten a rise once more. As newer generations grow up, the dreams of the individual is constantly changing. That is why being able to bring home a mannequin to help design your dreams is the way to go.

Many individuals today make use of dressmaker forms all the time. While the common individuals are usually just tailors possibly, those that are diehards for something personal have started reaching out to create something new.

Rising fashion designers. As kids grow up, there are those that wish to be the next Louis Vutton. They inspire to be seen at Paris’ fashion week and stopping those dreams means that there is no way to allow them to express themselves. Being one of these talented individuals needs to start with the basics, that is the dressmaker form. Rather than trying to measure and cut without seeing the shape on a body can be complicated and lead to more mistakes than you have material for. Material is not cheap, so it is best to have a form so that you can make the alterations as you need it. When you go to school for fashion it will be pertinent for you to have one of these forms to create those ideas flowing into your head.

Costume makers. This falls into a lot of categories. Halloween lovers, Cosplayers, mothers trying to make their children’s Halloween perfect by making them the perfect costume they cannot find in the stores. Dressmaker forms usually come in a standard size 6/8, but with an adjustable Dress Form from Joslin Displays you can make costumes for yourself and all of your friends. It is important to remember that there is no reason not to have one. If you are looking to start making costumes of your favorite super hero, start with a form so you can see the vision brought to life.

Hobbyists. Itching to make a new tank top for summer out of left over materials, no problem. Dress forms do not need to be used solely for dresses. Making shirts and skirts is easy when you use a dressmaker form. The shape allows you to figure out what you need and how to make the materials look just right. Even if you don’t plan on utilizing it all the time, having this form around for when you do decide to sew a little something will not hinder your abilities at all. Making sure that you have what you need will allow you to do what you love, and maybe even turn it into a career.

Dress forms allow you to have a whole new set of availability than a typical mannequin would when it comes to creating clothing pieces. Allowing yourself to splurge on an adjustable dress form will save you in the future and is a long term investment to a career that you may have never seen yourself in. So embrace your cosplay, your midnight hobbies and allow yourself to create works of art.