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Dressing Your Female Mannequin

Posted by on 6/1/2018 to How To's

The purpose of mannequins is to allow your customers to visualize themselves wearing your products. You can also showcase multiple pieces by creating full outfits using articles you have to offer. When dressing your female mannequin, remember to create outfits that your customers would wear - and that means coordinating each piece.


The best way to show off multiple products you have for sale is to create full outfits. Just like when you’re dressing yourself, choose one focus piece that you want to stand out. We at Joslin suggest positioning the mannequin with the focus piece near where the article is sold. For example, if you want a shirt to be the center of attention, dress the mannequin in merely bottoms, shoes, and jewelry. This allows your customer to visualize the item in their wardrobe, but also provide suggestions on articles that complete the outfit.


If you don’t have a product to offer, it’s best to leave it off. You wouldn’t want to advertise that a pair of pants looks perfect with a pair of black wedges if you also don’t have those black wedges. In this example, if you don’t sell footwear at all, leave your mannequins barefoot.


Also, try to keep your female mannequin dressed with your current products. It may seem like an inconvenience to change them with every inventory turnover, but you don’t want to advertise something you no longer have in stock. Additionally, choose outfits that are seasonally relevant and in the correct section of the store. Even if you sell bathing suits year round, don’t keep your bikini-clad mannequins at the front entrance in October.


When it comes to jewelry, the same general rules apply. Make sure any mannequins that have jewelry are showing off products you have to offer, and look good together.


The purpose of a female mannequin is to showcase the female clothes you have to offer. Your customers should be able to envision themselves in the outfits advertised, and be able to purchase each piece you’re showcasing. Call us at 800-325-1030 for all your mannequin and retail display needs!