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Dressing Female Mannequins for Your Retail Options

Posted by on 7/6/2018 to Articles

If you’re in the retail business, you understand how important it is to showcase your merchandise in a favorable light. Changing seasons come with changing fashions, and you need to stay on top of these changes to be successful. At Joslin Displays, we offer a wide variety of female mannequins to show off all your items.


Although sometimes it makes sense to create outfits for your mannequins, that can pose a challenge on occasion. For example, dressing a full mannequin can be difficult if you’re trying to showcase your selection of khaki pants. There is always the option of decorating the mannequin in nondescript tops to accentuate the pants, but sometimes it’s easier to take a different route. Here at Joslin Displays, we also offer half mannequins, so you can highlight the clothing items you have to offer without having to worry about coordinating a whole outfit.


If you have specialty clothing items, like athletic apparel, you want to be able to show that your merchandise is up for the task - and make it easy for your customers to visualize themselves in the item. Having female mannequins that are flexible allows you to position them in a way that highlights their use. Yoga pants, for example, can be displayed using a mannequin in a yoga pose. Running attire is also commonly shown by a stretching mannequin.


No matter your business, it’s important that your choice in display accurately reflects what you are selling. If you are showcasing a pair of pants or shoes, make sure any tops or jewelry don’t distract from the bottom half. An excellent way to ensure that is by only using half mannequins. It’s also a good idea to choose mannequins that reflect your market. For example, if you have predominantly African American clientele, you could use African American mannequins to display your items.


At Joslin Displays, we have some of the most extensive selection of female mannequins, including poseable ones. For all your display needs, please call us at 800-325-1030.