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Don’t Make These Mistakes With Mannequins!

Posted by on 4/5/2017 to General

Any business worth its salt knows that while products are crucial to your display, there are quite a few other components that make it all come together. Mannequins can be very effective and grab the attention of passerby, but only if you use them to their fullest potential. Otherwise, they may not work well and give off the wrong impression. Here are some avoidable mistakes that could lessen your statues’ impact. 

1.) Lack of Variety 

People come in all different shapes, races, and sizes. Try to diversify your mannequins as much as possible. Include posable ones, different genders, and multiple races. It makes your display much more inclusive, and will help all kinds of people figure out how clothes or accessories will look on them. 

2.) Waste Outfits 

While you may love an outfit, your customers may not find them as appealing. It is wisest to see what is selling well, and ensure that they are displayed prominently. If it has proven to sell before, it will continue to be popular - and a mannequin is the best way to show off the hottest ensembles. 

3.) Leave Them Unattended 

Though they are not as complicated or reliant on maintenance as structures, a mannequin still needs some TLC every so often. Don’t skip out on cleaning them or checking in on them. People will notice if they start to deteriorate. 

4.) Place Them In A High-Traffic Area 

As a rule of thumb, displays should attract customers and be prominent, but not right in the middle of your business. Keep all pieces of the display in order and close enough to the customers without obstructing anyone’s path. 

5.) Buy Low Quality 

Only a trusted manufacturer, like Joslin Displays, can offer high quality mannequins. When you shop around for display items, it is best to invest a little extra money to ensure the quality is top-notch.

Now, get your mannequin in order and follow these tips! Your display will look its best. For all of your display needs from shelves to hangers, call Joslin Displays at 1-(800)-325-1030!